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Let me take you to my experience. I had my wedding last year and I appointed GTA PORTRAITS and that was my best decision ever. The quality of photographs and pictures are just remarkable. As we know A photograph speaks of a million emotions especially if it is a cherished memory that you so dearly hold on to. Your wedding pictures will be a treasure that you will carry forward in life and will talk about it in your once-upon-a-time stories as the beginning of your beautiful fairytale. They are an ‘art-driven’ company which focuses on creating visually stunning imagery, meaningful films & memories that are individually crafted for every couple as every couple is different “& special”.

Their team possesses the knowledge and expertise of all the latest technicalities of the field so that they can deliver the best results to you and ensure that your big day is also your most memorable one. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of GTA Photography. Well-equipped with tools of photography, they provide services in an excellent manner. They are a good option to hire for wedding photography at reasonable prices

They are passionate about what they do and work hard to set give perfection to their services. With highest quality of equipments and the best talent in the industry, they are ready to make a little bit of difference in your next event. Feel free to contact them and enjoy your wedding with them

Get Your Wedding Clicks With Us

GTA PORTRAITS is the professional wedding photographers based in Toronto. With an immense experience in photography, they have attained proficiency in capturing the perfect moments. They believe that bonds are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real life settings. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is their only motto.

They are equipped with tools of photography, they provide services in an excellent manner. They are a good option to hire for Indian wedding photography at reasonable prices. they have attained proficiency in capturing beautiful moments. As a professional photographer they are delivering their duty honestly and dedicatedly for a longer period of time. They make your photograph look natural and stunning and hence will delight you every-time you go through it.

If you are looking for someone who has a fresh take on wedding photography and can bring your pictures alive and keep your memories fresh forever, then GTA PORTRAITS Photography is the perfect team to cover your wedding functions. They turn your pictures into stories and bring them to life.

“To them, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting an ordinary place. They have found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. They like working with people, telling stories and creating character in their albums.

The team has very dedicated and passionate photographers who love what they do. Wedding photography to them is being witness to your beautiful story and that’s how they tell it. They listen to what you want and then they make suggestions accordingly. Depending on the kind of coverage you want, they can customize different packages for you. They have the latest equipment and work perfectly in-sync with each other to cover all your events without missing anything important.

Make your wedding a memorable one

GTA is the premier Wedding Photography and Videography Studio in Brampton, Canada. Their style of wedding photography is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism, influenced by wedding and reception photography. The result is creative, clean and crisp wedding photography that’s romantic, fun, and emotional. They pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery. They have achieved mastery over photography over the years. Let’s get you informed about our experience.

Krisha and Mahesh  had originally planned for a beautiful celebration in Brampton. It was their big day and it started like this. The day was so relaxed and chilled.  It was really just a day full of joy, laughter, and celebration!  It really couldn’t have been more perfect.We started their day off with portraits downtown.  Fortunately the weather was as happy as the couple was and we could take many photos outdoors. 

This time around, Mother Nature did us a favor and blessed us with gorgeous overcast skies and the perfect temperature.  It was incredible!  Their fabulous bridal party joined us downtown for group photos, then we all headed to the venue for their sweet ceremony where we clicked thousands of pictures instead of eating much.

After the ceremony, Krisha and mahesh spent the evening dancing and celebrating with all of their closest family and friends. We were also present there to capture all the special moments with friends and family.   After exploring the property and taking some pretty epic portraits together, we met up with their bridal makeup artist for group photos.

 Krisha and Mahesh have the BEST squad and everyone was just so warm + welcoming to me + my team.  They both obviously have a ton of great support in their lives! After all the rituals and marriage, it was party time!!  The dance floor was PACKED all night long and at the end of the night, Krisha and Mahesh  shared a private last dance before exiting through a tunnel of sparklers… the perfect ending to an absolutely incredible day.  We also danced while clicking their Romantic moments.


Marriage is not just about love or commitments.It is more than that. It is about promises, giving, taking, communicating and understanding. To make your marriage memorable and special let’s note down all the moments into one book.  We’ll capture your sorrows and joys, sharing fun and happy moments into an album. Add a touch of magic, beauty, and wonder to your wedding album with GTA PORTRAITS.  A team of absolute professionals and experienced people working together to make your every moment silver.

Locking all the moments from every event to every nook and corner , we are here to make your wedding a memorable one. We are the  best wedding photographers in Brampton. Our photographers are engaged in capturing all the moments and in production of high-quality marriage photos. We know that , not just the couple, both the families and close ones eagerly wait to check out the Wedding photos and we are eager to serve you the best.

Every member puts in their 100% to get the best of everything to make the wedding a grand success. They shop for the best of clothes, decor and put in a lot of effort to make it a big day for the couple. So, when you and your loved ones are going all out of your way getting everything right, why not spend a little extra and get the best photographers on board and cherish the wonderful memories for a lifetime with those pictures?

We also specialise in videography in Brampton. We provide budget friendly packages for you. Let’s give your wedding a unique shape by hiring us and making your photographs pure magic. Photo albums just make you relive those golden moments again.  So what are you waiting for? Hire us and leave photography on us.

Hitching Wedding Memories From Cameras To Your Heart

A dreamy Wedding is everyone’s wish and our wish is to capture your dreamy moments. we are fully dedicated to give you the magical moments and make your moments perfectly golden with a tint of true compassion. GTA Portraits is providing best videography in Brampton.

Our team is prominent for understanding each and every detail that makes occasions beautiful and personalized for every individual that would make their wedding exceptional. Translating the emotions into highly attractive photographs and captivating videos is our passion. We believe in delivering delightful experiences. Our creative team focuses on every nook and corner of weddings and carefully captures the most innovative moments and makes sure that no emotion is left. We are present in Brampton.

A wedding is a bundle of happiness and joy which is the most beautiful occasion in a person’s life where they experience the glittery moments that forever stays in their hearts and minds while carving out a special place for themselves. We are always interested to shoot weddings and make friends for life. Our photos reflect elegancy, uniqueness, classy and love. We breathe for touching lives through images and videos. We also provide videography in Brampton

We are also perfectionists when is comes to Indian receptions. We notice the essence of life in a day; chaos to joy, emotions in reactions, family, colleagues and friends and lock all the moments into our camera and in your heart. we aim to build a mesmerizing portray of unparalleled quality, flair and creativity. As much as we love documenting timeless weddings, we also spend our time making cutting-edge videos for your weddings and reception in Brampton.

The Camera Says Click Click!!

engagement photography in Oakville

I’ll ride you through my very own experience with GTA Portraits. As you all are aware about wedding being considered as a dream come true and the most celebrated day, I chose to get my every moment clicked with GTA team. Trust me this is the best decision I have chosen to hire them on my special day.

And then it started with tying the knot forever into each other’s heart 2 years back. My every grin and smile is captured. Our fun , dancing during our wedding , having food, playing games, chit chatting with friends , all our rituals and traditions got clicked and they are with us at present as well. When we glance at them we relive the moments again. I also have wall hangings given by them which are hanged on my wall so by looking at it every day I can feel the moments again

I had my various tantrums of getting clicked in different poses, at different locations , in different dresses and all. They will carefully listen to all your requirements and even suggest you to pose in different styles. Yes they were very helpful to me. They guided me to choose beautiful locations an sites.

Using professional lightning techniques they highlighted my every move and my husband’s as well. They ensured us capturing every glimpse of all the guests. The quality of photographs is marvellous. They have chosen highest of standards in clicking photos. They are professional handed persons in Canada.

Today after two years also when I see all those happy moments I just cry my heart out because the every moment is captured. Taking from all the rituals till the ring I have it all. Guys trust me. You just have to book $50 as a booking token rest will be informed to you. They have uploaded pictures of their work on their page, kindly see their work. Trust me it’s amazing. I’ll call them again during my maternity days as for that also they have achieved a mastery

Hope to see your pictures in their wall and in your hearts soon. Make your special days extra special with GTA Portraits.

Clicking The Memorable Moments And Capturing Them In Your Heart

wedding photography

The only uncertain thing is being unaware about the future so why not catch the moment and put it with you forever. Life surprises us with unexpected gifts let get them along with us for longer period of time. As we are well known with time flying with a speed greater than an airplane and moments which don’t leave spark fade away so here we assist you with a chance to keep all the moments with you.

Be it your engagement or wedding it’s the most crucial part of two individuals journey as every couple has a very extraordinary story behind their relationship which they enfold lovingly. We click the love and happiness of your official display of affection with your partner so you can cherish the moment for your life long. The photos add joy to your journey and includes values to your memories.

We serve professional wedding photography such as custom storyboards so you can present your love story in a systematic and flawless way, canvas and framed prints lets u hang the picture wherever you want but specifically for wall we give wall design consultants. Photo books and albums contains your special memories of the love you share and can’t put into words.

Wedding and engagement are recollection of persons best day and we provide a lens to witness the joyous memory. We here provide you photography of your special day at a very nominal cost. You just have to pay $50 as a booking token. Specially for our beloved customers we have combined some cost saving offers. Wedding and engagement packages includes wedding day photography of four hours and engagement photoshoot and pre wedding highlighted video.

We aim at knitting all the moments together. May it be a Punjabi wedding or a big fat Gujarati engagement here we glow your eyes with your dreams and give you all the moments singlehandedly. We are certified and professional photographer who values your every penny and deliver you worth. As we know couples are made in heaven and captured by photographers we don’t overlook your budget instead we provide budget friendly packages for you

So what are you waiting for??? Come and book your memorable dates with us, get featured with us and take your appealing memories with you. We are available in Vaughan, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton Canada. Ring us on 416-567-3035 and do follow us on Instagram and Facebook to look our work. We hope to see you soon.


Wedding photography

A Portrait is a beautiful painting, a photograph, an artistic representation of a person. PORTRAIT is a display of likeness, personality and even the mood of the person. It replicates the best of yourself. It depends on the photographer who clicks the YOU in you.

Mississauga is a city located in Canada. It is located on the shores of lake Ontario. It is the sixth most populous municipality in Canada. It has a vibrant arts community. Mississauga Celebration Square hosts multicultural festivals and has a skating rink in winter. A popular shopping destination, the city has several huge malls.

GTA Portraits has its strong presence in this beautiful city. It’s being our specialty we work towards the filing of your dreams. We are best at weaving your special moments into lifetime memories by capturing all those in one album.

We specialize in engagement, wedding, maternity, baby photography, family photography. We take a pride in being thorough professionals as we work towards capturing the moment a picture perfect.

Engagement photography Mississauga

Engagement is nothing but an official announcement before you take the sacred wows. It is the first baby step towards engaging towards it. We help you to take this commitment and cherish this moment for your lifetime. The clicks get you closer to your beloved and add more colours to the start of your journey. With GTA Portraits Mississauga, we assure you to give you the best for building your ceremonious memories.

Wedding photography Mississauga

It’s always said that the knots are tied in heaven. Wedding is a beautiful bliss and to live this bliss over and over again, we click the finest of them. We are preeminent and thus replicate it in our work. We take an immense pleasure in capturing your “Made for Each Other Bond” on the earth. To live this bliss over and again we suggest you to choose us. While you take your vows, we vow to get you the lifetime memories woven aside.

Professional Photography Mississauga

When it comes to capturing photos, it means you are capturing your most cherished and beautiful moments in one case. To get these moments picture perfect it is very important to have a professional doing it for you. Who else can be a perfect guide for you. We being thorough professionals deliver Picture Perfect moments at every click. May that be an Engagement photography, Wedding photography, may that be your Maternity photography or your Baby’s photography.

We are delightful to get you engaged to an idea of a PERFECT SNAP at a time.


Is Wedding Photography Mississauga Worth The Cost?

wedding photography

Couples usually spend an average of $2,000 on hiring wedding photographers whereas many spending $5000 or more. There are many other things on which couples spent a lot of money on their wedding. You need to book the venue, caterer, decoration and many others. With so much to spent, you have to ask yourself if hiring professional wedding photography Mississauga is worth it or not.

The choice is totally yours as it depends on what you want out of your wedding. Let’s check out what you get with a professional and certified wedding photographer, along with some important ways to save some money.

What do you get with a professional?

It is sad but true that most people look at the photography based on how much it’ll cost them and not with the quality they will get. The wedding photographers charge high but for a good reason. They give you quality by putting a lot of time and effort into the process. They typically work non-stop for 10 hours or more hours. Their cost involves the fees of their assistant too. Also, they use advanced software and tools to offer you the best quality. They also make wedding photo albums for you, you’ll keep with you for a lifetime.

Cut down on the time!

If you are still worried about the cost of professional wedding or engagement photography Mississauga, cut down the cost. Most wedding photographers work for seven or more hours, but that isn’t necessary. You can get the benefits of using a professional service without spending much money by cutting down on the hours the photographer works for you. You can ask him to get the shots you need in 2-3 hours. This is the smart way to spend less money and enjoy quality pictures too.

Rent out Pre-Wedding Studio in advance!

Another tip to save quite a bit of money on wedding photography is by renting out a photography studio before the wedding. Pre-wedding photo studios have all the equipment you need for the shoot, along with ample props to use. Additionally, they are manned with people who have good knowledge about photography and can help you during the shoot.

If you don’t want to spend extra on hiring professional Photography Mississauga, just take a friend along with you who enjoys taking pictures. That friend can take some professional-looking shots with eye-catching background and props and lets you save a fraction of the cost of a real wedding photographer.

Do picture editing on your own!

If you are comfortable using a computer, you might be able to handle the picture editing yourself. Ask the wedding photographer to send you the JPEG files and you can edit them the way you want. This will help you in saving you a significant amount of money, but remember that not all wedding photographers will be prepared to do this.

With so many alternatives, you can find something that fits into your budget and suits your personal style. You just need to choose which option is right for you.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Hire Professional Photographer?

Hosting corporate events can be an interesting way to do something special for business partners, clients and employees. But, these events require a lot of planning and preparation. From booking the venue and caterer, inviting guests, finding musicians, and making sure every detail is just perfect, you are often on your toes from the beginning of the event to till the time it gets over.

These corporate events will have main guests, high-profile corporate persons, politicians, community leaders and other important people that normally will be at different places all the time. Therefore, don’t you think it’s important to have professional photos of these special guests.

Let’s understand, how hiring a professional photographer Toronto will benefit you greatly. A professional photographer can aid you to achieve the results you wish by-

  • Listening carefully to your needs
  • Choosing the best location and the background
  • Using professional lighting techniques
  • Ensuring the comfort of those being photographed
  • Highlighting the pros and cons of a particular choice of shot
  • Ensuring to capture each guest in the camera
  • Doing their job with the utmost respect for the guests at the event

Professional photography Toronto can help your company to promote your event. You might use photos to create media relations. A high-quality image can make your press release more eye-catching in different media situations. You can also use these photographs for internal uses like in brochures, emails and reports.

A professional photographer Toronto will help you in marketing and personal branding as professionally clicked photographs can enhance viewership and retention of a message in almost all marketing platforms. These images also help you in general promotion showcasing that the firm is active.

Professional photography is not only meant to popularize business events but also for pregnant women who want to capture the essence of this special time in their life portraying the joy and hope of a new chapter in their life. Maternity photography Toronto has become quite popular these days and many experts offer their service to especially this kind of photography.

The specialists of maternity photography Toronto primarily focus to make the photographs more natural and attractive by capturing the motherly facial expressions and the physical changes like a baby bump. The professional photographer can give you the lifelong pleasure of maternity by clicking your feelings and experiences.

Professional photography also helps women who want to look amazing, glamorous and sensual. Experts of boudoir photography Toronto make a special gift for your husband/groom/boyfriend. When you choose the boudoir photoshoot in Toronto, you will be treated like a celebrity for a few hours. And when you see the photographs for the first time, you will be blown away. You will see how beautiful you are and it will act as a confidence booster for you.

Remember that you can wear whatever makes you feel confident and glamourous – a boudoir session is all about you and your physical beauty. When choosing a photographer for the boudoir photography Toronto, look for professionals that specialize in boudoir for the ultimate experience.

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