Capturing the beat of the moment

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase because it gives a woman the joy and fulfilment which comes from bringing a new life into the world.

The most beautiful curve of a woman for sure is the curves of pregnancy. To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. It is the most exciting and memorable period of any woman’s life. At this stage, she touches the heights of emotions. This overwhelming experience not only brings a change in her thoughts but also changes her shape. That small baby bump keeps growing each month and the love of a mother-to-be for her baby intensifies too.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. No matter how bad my day’s been, it takes one little kick to make everything feel alright. Many women wants to hold this moment forever.


Our aim is to adding colours to your beautiful moments by capturing thousands of words in the blink of moment. A camera that puts a world of possibilities at your fingertips. What makes us the best? It’s our talented team of professional photographers. We are specialised in Toronto new born photography, wedding, indoor and outdoor maternity photography and a few more. Our team of cinematographers and candid photographers are well experienced and always try to make the moment look extraordinary. We are both premium and budget photographers and are listed in all categories including traditional, candid, drone, and pre-wedding photography. We capture the emotions and convert them into remarkable memories.

‘You Make The Moment. We Make The Memory.’

One’s fantasy leaves for a walk and return with a bride. We must love or we won’t know the best part of being alive. Weddings bring along a few days of celebration and a lifetime of a loving commitment. A little of excitement, a little of wedding jitters and a whole lot of happiness make the perfect recipe for a wedding.

Looking for a romantic photoshoot for your wedding? We’re happy to assimilate the memories of one of the happiest days of your life and to capture a genuine portrait of each interaction. A smile, tear, exchanging vows or rings, chat, every little detail counts when it’s about keeping your wedding day memories alive.

We understand how the choice of a wedding photographer is one of the important decisions of a wedding plan, whether this is a great scale event or a more intimate ceremony. We want to make part of your history, and frame your memories forever. We also take candid photos throughout the day. We’ll make sure to keep constant presence at the event capturing every beautiful and joyous detail. We even document the event and capture candid shots of loved ones and guests that will last a lifetime.

We are an awarded team of wedding photographers so you can trust us to make your wedding pictures astonishing. Our team of cinematographers and candid photographers are well experienced and always try to make the moment look extraordinary. We are both premium and budget photographers and are listed in all categories including traditional, candid, drone, and pre-wedding photography. We capture the emotions and convert them into remarkable memories.

Different Styles Of Photography

A wedding is one of the most important events in life, especially for brides who wish to make everything perfect. Whether it’s the dress, decoration or food, they go through several options before finalizing the one that resonates best with their dream wedding picture. 

Photography is one of the crucial parts of a wedding as it will let you capture the best and unforgettable moments of your wedding. If you are planning a fairy tale wedding you will probably like to frame it so you and your partner can cherish the moment for a lifetime. 

We know how important wedding photography is for you. This blog will take you to five popular wedding styles, so you can pick a style that resonates with your wedding image. 

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional wedding photography is one of the prominent and classic styles. It is one that our parents had for their wedding. The style is pretty straightforward and is captured at eye level. The photographer may not be more creative but used most widely. In fact, all the wedding photographers mix traditional weddings in their photography which mostly include portrayals of family after the ceremony.

Editorial wedding photography

Editorial photoshoots are like shooting for a magazine. If you are a person who admires magazine models and imagines yourself as one of them, this photography style will be a dream come true. 

The photography style works on poses and lighting. A professional photographer will understand what type of editorial style you are looking for and will guide you through professional poses. This photography style is more controlled by the photographer; they are focused on creating a one kind photo with themes, colours and styles. 


This wedding photography is one of the most trending styles at present. It involves taking wedding pictures from the drone at an above angle. 

A good drone with HD camera equipment will shoot photos at bird’s eye view capturing beautiful landscapes. With aerial photography, you will get a wide frame of your wedding ceremony at great angles which is hard to achieve through other forms of photography. 


Landscape photography is much different from the other wedding photography style. This style is preferred for couples who are interested in landscapes and destination weddings. The photographers are experienced in framing a perfect photo of the couple in the beautiful scenic beauty.

Although the style will capture the best shots, it is very luxe. Not only you will be spending a lot of money but will also have to do a lot of travel arrangements for yourself as well as the photographers. 


Photojournalistic photography style is contradictory to editorial wedding photography style. The photographer will not ask you to pose like a model or sit at a perfect spot but rather an eye for beautiful candid moments. Whether it’s a romantic moment with your partner or dance with your partner and tears in your parents’ eye. Unlike other styles this is not the style is not about getting a perfect pose or style but capturing stories and in-between moments.

The style is mostly preferred by people hosting intimate wedding ceremonies. It’s all about emotion, love and joy. 

Takeaway: These are some of the most popular wedding photography styles. However, these are not the only ones. Also, not that you do not necessarily have to choose one photography style you can choose to mix different styles. The only thing is to find a professional and experienced photographer. At GTA Portraits we do exactly what we say, introduce you to professional photographers who will thoroughly understand your choice and deliver awe-inspiring photographs. 

Capture beautiful moments from The Day with GTA

Wedding rough the corner! Wedding preparation is one of the major  There is so much to prepare the venue, decoration, guest list, food, dress, budget and so much more.

At least we can make it easier for you with the photography. At GTA portraits you will find experienced wedding photographers, who have expertise in capturing the best moments of the day and offer beautiful pieces of art for you to cherish forever. 

With us, you don’t have to worry about a perfect photo angle or your camera-shy spouse. Our photographers will take care of your concern and will be assisting you with the perfect pose, lighting, angles and more.

Wedding photography is all about capturing precious moments of joy, laughter, and tears. The best wedding photos are the one that reflects the emotions of the bride or groom or their family. At GTA portraits are aimed for the exact thing, to take splendid moments of your day, the speech, the dance, the fun, all the bridegroom, the drama and more. 

Want to have a romantic photoshoot with your partners? We are happy to assist. Talking to photographers will never be this easy. When it comes to getting your dream shot, good communication with your photographer is crucial. Our photographer will through listen to your idea on what type of image you are really looking for. Inspired photos or your favourite Pinterest image or a celebrity photo, and we will make our best effort to give you the exact image you have in your mind. 

We will also take care of the personality you want to be reflected in your image, whether you like graceful poses or Bollywood romance, we will shoot the photos as per the personality you prefer. 

Apart from wedding photography, we are reputed for engagement and pre-wedding photography. Capture the enticing romance with your partner and share it with the world. 

In our wedding photography experience, we have captured weddings of so many cultures and rituals on different themes and locations. That’s what makes us professionals, we have the eye for detail, e can conceptualize beautiful moments like vows, speeches and prayers. Moreover, we know how to play with shadows given awe-inspiring bridal moments. 

Love in the air and we are here to shoot that beautiful breeze of love on all your special days. Pre-wedding, post, wedding, family portraits, romantic photoshoot, bridal photoshoot, dressing room fun and more. 

Best photography in Canada

Situated in Canada, GTA portraits have professional experience in wedding photography & wedding film productions house. With an industry experience of more than 5  years, they specialise in wedding photography and maternal photography . They  also cover each and every finest detail of yours. . The team of professionals work with state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide the finest quality outcome to their customers. They specialise in contemporary and fine art photography and their passion will be clearly reflected in their results. They assure to provide you storytelling portraits and beautiful, cinematic videos that you’ll love to go through over and over again. You’ll always love their skills and dedication for your photographs. They starve to make every moment of you, special.

 They specialise in wedding photography & cinematography. they work towards making your special day memorable forever through their lens. Their team ensures that they capture all those fleeting emotions that you can relive any day through your wedding album. They try to provide the best services to clients and customers who look for industry best quality photographs for their personal or professional requirements.  You can always visit their website to check more of their work. Also they are ready to travel with you.

They believe happy marriage is all about happy moments and happy moments are relived when they are captured forever.  GTA portraits have all the various skills and preferences that he has acquired over the years. Their  of photography melds the techniques of the different media he has worked in, with his formative training as an artist. The influence of the different media on his work is especially apparent in the composition and post processing of his photographs. So what are you waiting for, visit their website or contact them to know more.

Widen your smiles with us

GTA portraits is a popular wedding photography operating from Canada. They are talented in   photography and has been working in the industry as a wedding photographer for over many years now. Their shots are beautiful and display the raw emotions behind the holy matrimony. You can always count on them when you want to make your special moments extra special. They have been doing excellent job in photography and many people like them due to their creativity and dedication. The hard work they put and that team comprises of Several experienced Photographers who strive to capture every possible moment.

Their  team specialise in both candid and traditional photography. They are open to travel to different venues and also provide their services for destination weddings as well. They make sure that they make a comfortable atmosphere for their clients to capture their precious moments in the most realistic manner. They make sure that they provide their services in the most perfect way possible. They are their to click every laugh, cry, happiness, sadness and joy.

They believe that bonds are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real life settings. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of Gta portraits. Well-equipped with tools of photography, they provide services in an excellent manner. They are a good option to hire for wedding photography at reasonable prices.You can also tell them to click their photos and they’ll also click in every way you guide them. Also their team is specialise and they know good locations and poses.

They  have attained proficiency in capturing the perfect moments. They believe that bonds are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real-life settings. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of Gta Portraits.

Click with us and make your memories worth

GTA portraits are based in Canada. They are specialised in wedding photography and maternity photography. They are dedicatedly  working together to make every happy moment last a lifetime. Their pictures have a story behind it and they work effortlessly to give you your perfect wedding shot. They are open to travel to your location to cover your wedding. Their prior aim  is to have happy and satisfied clients who will cherish their work forever. 

Turn your funny, sentimental, or traditional quotes for your vows, toasts, speeches into photographs which you can cherish forever.  Their team ensures that they capture all those fleeting emotions that you can live any day through your wedding album. They try to provide best services to clients and customers who look for industry best quality photographs for their personal or professional requirement. You can always count on them when it comes to good photography. 

Love  is inspiring, so why not say so? Keep your pictures with your loved ones on your most special day forever with you. This company is  oriented and believes in excellence and dedication. The impeccably talented team believes in progressing and working together. The photographers are qualified who shoot your precious moments and capture them with a photojournalistic style. They keep on updating themselves with the latest tools and techniques and they use the perfect lighting to capture the best pictures.

Their team consists of experienced wedding photographers, designers, and editors. They have honed their craft for over  years now, becoming experts when it comes to both candid as well as traditional photography. They have never let distance be a hurdle in their love for photography; they capture moments all over and cover every moment worth remembering. So if you wish to get your photographs at a lesser cost always contact Gta portraits. For more information you can always visit their website.

Ring your wedding bells with us

Wedding is a momentous occasion for the bride and the groom. A professional wedding photographer helps you to retain the memories of your big day and cherish it for lifetime with a big smile on your face. Wedding photographers play a vital and major role during a wedding day and in creating a beautiful story of memories of your wedding. And one such talented and extremely versatile wedding photography brand is Gta portraits based in Canada .  Make Your special days extra special with them. The team is hardworking and dedicated and aims to provide the best of services to their customers.

Wedding album is a treasure to the couple as it is what is going to be there with them forever as memories. These wedding pictures and wedding albums will play an important role in the future to showcase your love and will portray the most precious and candid moments of all your rituals expressing abundance of love. Someday when life gets monotonous, you can just go through these wedding photos which will definitely help you revive those unique wedding memories and make you happy. With an experience of about 3-5years the brand mainly specialises in capturing candid and real moments of your wedding in their natural light and he is also well-equipped with all the tools and techniques that are required to take photographs that are high-definition and will tell the story of your wedding day as it is. So let’s carve your wedding with some extra light.

Gta portraits  and its team is hardworking and dedicated and they believe to earn your happiness by capturing your special moments for you to cherish forever. They make sure that they capture each and every moment and make them into memory. They specialize in both candid and traditional photography. They provide about 500-700 edited pictures to their clients according to their requirements. So, give them the opportunity to create your beautiful lane of memories of your wedding day and make your dream of a fairy tale come true. For more you can always visit their website.

Memorize Your Weddings With Us

wedding photography

GTA Portraits has been in the weddings photography industry for the long run now. It has achieved well-known name in cinematic wedding films and candid photography across Canada and we have a decent experience in the field of photography. We have the eye to watch beauty through lens and is extremely talented in capturing the beauty in its natural light.

We are passionate about what he is doing. Our team is a well-known name in this arena even now the world knows them. Our team ensures to capture raw and genuine moments of love in your wedding day without you even noticing their presence.

Our aim to capture fleeting moments of your wedding day. We unfold as the day goes on for you to relive forever. Our team specializes in wedding photography and is always on the lookout for beautiful and joyous moments to capture and show them in their natural light. Their actual strength lies in creating artistic, expressive and whimsical images which makes their style unique.

Our creative team of photographers and videographers is willing to travel all over India to shoot all your life events. The outstation travel and stay charges are borne by the client.

GTA Portraits provides you plenty of services ranging from Candid shoots to covering your Wedding spree. They record the true spirit of your wedding in unique and contemporary angles, enhancing the beauty of it. Be sure to give them the honor of capturing your most auspicious day if you have a good feeling about them

GTA Portraits is a team of professional photographers based in Canada and has been working in this industry for many years. Our aim is to capture their clients’ life-changing moments in the most beautiful manner so that their couples can cherish it forever. We help the clients to get comfortable so that they can capture the most special moments in the most natural manner.

Get Your Wedding Portraits With Us

wedding photography

GTA Portraits gives your wedding a different look. They are always there and try to make your photographs attractive by using their skills and creativity to make your wedding ceremonies even more special by making time stand still with their craft. The team at this exceptionally brilliant wedding photography team love to click the beautiful chaos during the wedding festivities of a person’s life and delivering them in a format that they and their coming generations can look back at and rejoice

Brilliant presentations of their striking photo captures are a consistent part of their wedding services to leave their customers astonished. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of GTA Portraits. Well-equipped with tools of photography, they provide services in an excellent manner. They are a good option to hire for wedding photography at reasonable prices.

Photography is an art, an art that can transform a beautiful moment into a memory of a lifetime. A professional photographer leaves no stone unturned to capture all your special moments and add life to those photographs. You should choose a photographer that not only is in your budget but also suits your style. You can book them at our site and give your wedding pictures a unique touch. They provide all kinds of photography services.

They travel to your destination also to capture your wedding in the most beautiful way and deliver the photos within record time, providing fast and efficient services to the clients. They love to shoot and capture beautiful candid moments. Creating dramatic, authentic stories of people’s lives is what he loves to do. With a perfect blend of his technical and artistic skills, they will capture the spirit, fun, joy emotions & elegance of your wedding day perfectly.

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